System Information

Central Clear Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF)

The WWTF is located near Dumont, Colorado, 40 miles west of Denver. The facility is permitted for an influent flow of 0.10 mgd and discharges into Segment 2c of Clear Creek just downstream from the confluence with Mill Creek. Segment 2c is "Use Protected" and classified as Recreation E; Aquatic Life Cold 1; Agriculture and Water Supply.

Description of WWTF

In 2019, Central Clear Creek Sanitation District finished a complete replacement of its existing sewage treatment system. The previous system was originally constructed in 1974 and had reached the end of its design life. It was no longer practical to maintain the existing system. Additionally, it was not capable of meeting future discharge permit limits. The new sysem installed by the District is sized to treat the same amount of sewage as the previous system, 120,000 per day. However, the demand on the system is typically only 25% of capacity. The new system features membrane bioreactor treatment technology which is the most robust form of treatment available. The technology combines the best of conventional treatment with filtration. The plant has consistently produced water cleaner than required by regulatory agencies since it has been in operation.

Discharge Permit Limits

The WWTF operates under the CPDS General Permit Number COG-588000 which allows for a 30-day limit for BOD5 and TSS of 30 mg/L each. The current permit (April 2005) includes an ammonia limit of 25 mg/L but no effluent limits for total nitrogen or phosphorus. The discharge permit lists the acute low flow (IE3) of 17 cfs and the chronic low flow (30E3) of 20.5 cfs in Clear Creek at the discharge point. AT the current rated hydraulic capacity of 100,000 gpd, the dilution factor is 110 for acute low flow and 132 for the chronic low flow.




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