Billing and Payment

Customers are billed quarterly in January, April and July and October. Bills or sent during the first week of the billing month. Payment is due by the 4th of the following month. Although customers can receive and pay bills through the mail, paperless billing and electronic payment are also options. A $30 late payment charge is assessed per tap for late payment.

Paperless Bills

Customers may opt for paperless billing by emailing their:

to: or call 800-210-3703.

Online Payment

Customers may now pay online by utilizing a third party service. Payment can be made using Credit Card or Debit Card. A charge of $2.50 will be added to each online transaction.

 Pay online The "Online Payment" feature is hosted by a third party site. The electronic payment option is managed by a third party processing company, which charges and collects a convenience fee of $2.50 per transaction. For security purposes, no credit card information is saved on this site. Customers that wish to use this site will need to enter their information each time they use it.  Central Clear Creek Sanitation District and its affiliates are not responsible for the products, services and content on the third party site.

Pay by Mail

Customers can mail their payment to:

  Clear Creek Sanitation District
  P.O. Box 645023,
  Dallas, TX 75264-5023

Electronic Banking (ACH Payments)

Customers may also choose to pay directly from their bank checking accounts.  If you have online checking available through your bank you can log in to your banks website and write an electronic check to Central Clear Creek Sanitation District.

Billing Rates

The rate at which customers are billed is based of Single Family Equivalents (SFE) Equivalent Residential Units (EQR). SFE and EQR have the same definition: a service which is estimated to have an impact on the sewer system equal to an average single family (2.3 persons) and may have up to 3,000 square feet of habitable floor space. The current billing rate is $173.00 per EQR.

Billing At-a-Glance